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About S2G

Think about the time one single sales person (Driver, Distributor or  wholesaler) wastes when adding customer contacts to their smart phone!

With S2G, accessing a complete–and accurate–contact list, geographically, is just a login and password away.

Let your competitors have their sales reps spend dozens, perhaps hundreds of hours, entering account address, phone and location information. Search2Go app gives easy access for updating customer data on a geographical map; sales reps will never have to worry about keeping the data current, your Customers personal info (especially location) will always be up-to-date.

Amazing Layout

S2G has features that provide an amazing way to use mobile devices.

Easy to Use

It provides an easy to use interface that allows you to manage your distribution business, store, search and locate your customers locations easily.

Multi Benefits

S2G application delivers tangible benefits for your business to succeed in different industries such as Data gathering, Territory Management and so many other benefits.

Routing Features

A simple and powerful GIS feature to find the shortest path for your trip. Routing feature is included to optimize trip time.

App Benefits

S2G application delivers tangible benefits for your business to succeed in different industries.

  • Data gathering, to assist your team in mapping out their progress and save them canvassing effort.
  • Territory Management, to confidently assign and organize territories using the intuitive mapping feature and the customer info database.
  • Analytics reports, on historical performance (sellers and users/reps) in any territory.
  • Customer Locator, allows you to track current customers so that you can approach an area confidently. In addition to export your customers list for further analysis.
  • Custom fields, so you can adapt your data collection to match the needs of your industry.
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Watch Our S2G Video

Does the whole process feel complicated? Check out our step by step video 'How to use S2G'.

S2G App Screens

S2G screenshots, from this photo gallery you can get an idea about this application.

How Does It Work?

In Summary, below is the simple process that S2G will provide to your business.

Organize Trip

Your reps can organize their daily trips for many customers easily, visually, on map, no time wasted.

Reps Make Trip

Your reps will make the trip following the route visually on the map (multi-customers route).

Collect Data

Your reps will add/edit customers data encountered during the trip; data will be stored in database.

Generate Analytics

Take control of the terrain with area Reporting management. Now you can plan your future campaigns easily.



Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions by our clients. For more inquiries please contact us.

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Is there a free trial?
Yes, we offer a free trial for 15 days. It's very easy to setup, as simple as 1,2,3.
Is there a cancellation fee?
No cancellation fee is required; it's sad to see you go; just opt-out whenever you would like to stop using it. Please don't forget to contact us and leave feedback in order for us to improve the app.
Am I charged for inactive users?
No fee is charged for inactive users.
When will I be billed?
At the beginning of your subscription period.
Is my data secure?
We take data security very seriously and use best practices to protect you. Your data is never shared with any third party without your permission. We limit users’ access to data and adhere to strict password standards.
If I cancel, do I lose all of my customers/data?
If you choose to cancel you will have the opportunity to download and keep your data before it becomes inaccessible.
What type of businesses can use the app?
Delivery Business, Home Security, Lawn Care / Landscaping, Pest Control, Political / Campaign, Pool Maintenance, Real Estate, Roofing, Satellite TV, Solar, Freelancing/Contractor Services.
More questions?
Did we miss anything? Give us a call or send us an email to keep the conversation going.

Download App

Follow the below links to download the app based on your device. Don't forget to rate the app so we can improve it 🙂